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Gumvue for AI Artists

Apr 11, 2023

Gumvue for Artists

Today we have prepared an article for people who are able to visualize any idea: from a full-fledged story to a blurry tattoo concept, from a metaphorical poem to a new perspective on familiar characters. In this article, we will explain how artists can earn money on Gumvue by using all the platform's tools.

Different Subscription Levels
Think of several subscription levels with unique bonuses and opportunities for your fans. Remember: some people are willing to support you with a small monthly amount without expecting much in return, while others are willing to donate more for access to exclusive content - try to take into account the interests of your entire audience and don't forget about your own interests. Here are some things you can include in different tiers:

  • Early access to new sketches and artwork;
  • Participation in voting for new themes for your works;
  • Unique videos with speedpaints and creative process;
  • Useful reviews of the programs and tools you use during your work;
  • Lessons and author's master classes;
  • Feedback on subscribers' works and communication in private chats.

Interesting Goals
Use goals as another tool to monetize your creativity. Unlike a subscription with a fixed monthly payment, an author's goal can be supported once and for any amount. Users don't even have to subscribe to your Gumvue page for this.

You can set goals for simply supporting your artwork and your immediate needs, such as buying new supplies for work, paying for a licensed program for artists, purchasing necessary equipment, and much more. Your audience will definitely support you in all your endeavors! Another important goal is to have a desired number of paid subscribers.

Paid access to posts
Subscribing to an author is not the only way to gain access to exclusive content on Gumvue. You can add the option of one-time payment to any post.
This way, you can share your artwork not only with paid subscribers but also with observers who have not yet decided to sign up for a permanent subscription. They will receive interesting content, and you will receive additional income. In the end, everyone wins.

The bonuses of the most expensive subscription levels will become available to people who have chosen a simpler subscription. Perhaps they will find them so compelling that it will push them to change their subscription plan.

Through paid posts, you can share atypical content for yourself. Your artwork is beautiful, even that which goes beyond the usual audience expectations. If you've created something that doesn't fit into your typical content plan, boldly post it as a separate paid-access post.

Personal messages
Whether to communicate with your audience through private messages or to remain a mysterious creative personality is up to you. However, the Gumvue team suggests that you consider private messages as another multifaceted tool for monetizing your creativity. Here's how you can use them:

Turn private messaging into an additional reward for subscription. In your settings, you can allow only paying subscribers to message you, and you can also restrict messaging based on subscription level.

Send messages with paid access to attached content. This is especially convenient for those who create commissioned artwork. Of course, Gumvue's private messaging is not the only place where you can sell artwork, but we have tried to make this process as comfortable as possible for both parties.

Use the mass mailing feature. You can send messages to different categories of users, and any message, like a private message, can be accompanied by an attachment with paid access. You can monitor the progress of the mailing through the statistics section - you can read more about this in our separate article.

Live streams
For those who don't mind chatting with their audience online, there are not only Telegram and Discord chats but also broadcasts on Gumvue! During a live stream, for example, you can teach illustration, draw quick sketches based on viewers' ideas, talk about your plans and ideas, and even hold an auction - here's another idea for how to sell artwork through Gumvue.

Any broadcast can be made public or accessible only to subscribers (you determine the subscription level before the start of the stream). Be sure to tell your followers about your upcoming live stream on social media - perhaps it will turn someone into your new Gumvue subscriber!

Referral program
If you have already created your cozy community with a responsive audience ready to support you not only morally but also financially, it's time to tell your talented friends about Gumvue's opportunities!

Each platform author has their own personal link through which they can invite new users. As a thank you, we will pay you a bonus from the earnings of each invited user for a year.

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